It can be challenging to track every single task at work when you’re swamped. Updating excel sheets time cards, and other complex work tracking systems just makes the workday more stressful. Having effective employee tracking software can help reduce your work. 

Unpaper is the best employee monitoring software and it is specifically designed for chartered accountants. With this employee time tracking app, you can reach thousands of clients from one spot, significantly reducing your work.  

When using the best employee time tracking software, you don’t have to worry about filling out, scanning, and storing timesheets on paper. Use this remote employee monitoring software to customize the timesheet and prioritize tasks. You can see the progression of each task, even after completion, and even allocate tasks and change owners after the initial assignment. Use Unpaper to improve firm efficiency and help you make the right decisions about work and staff productivity. So call Unpaper and get a demo today!

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