What to look for in a Practice Management Application?

In current times it is very important for all Chartered Accountants to start using  Practice management applications to conduct their business efficiently. 

What you should look for in a CA firm practice management product:

Multi-faceted features that work together.

A good practice management software should be more than a basic To-do list. The application must be cloud-based to ensure access from anywhere and must allow multiple-user access to tasks and files. This enables you to collaborate with multiple members to work together on a single task. Applications also have options to generate timesheets, support different team structures and communications to clients.

Data should be integrated in the application.

Practice management applications that do not integrate data, cripple the extent of usage. It is imperative that a user is permitted to save files on the cloud. It ensures the work flow isn’t hindered while out of office. With data comes the mandate of data access control. Just the way your organization has multiple hierarchy designations, so should your software. Data security should extend within the organization too. Look for an application that lets you decide who should see what, with secure and user-friendly options.

Is your cost increasing per user?

As your organization grows, your application should absorb the cost, not increase it. Any application that charges you per user, will increase your management costs. With the high attrition rate in Article Students, paying for each user is a hassle best avoided. Essentially, you end up paying more in the long run for such applications. It is therefore vital to select a software provider who aims to work with you and not against your growth.

Customer support and application adaptability

Shifting to a new way of working is a big change for your organization. Select a provider who has a strong commitment to their customers, who helps and guides you in the transmission with free training and migration support to ensure the transition is smooth for your employees.

It is also essential that the application has a short learning curve. A user friendly software that is intuitive, robust and has high uptime ensures you do not change software frequently.

Do not use free products – If you are not paying for the product, you are the product.

Free applications come at a cost much higher than your money – your data and privacy. Do not fall for applications that give you free or extremely discounted prices. It’s a marketing trick that is best avoided for yours and your clients’ sake. Eventually it all comes down to, how much is your data worth. Rely on an application that charges fairly.

Rule of thumb – the sole purpose of an office management software is to make things easier for its users. If you are not a priority to the service provider, it isn’t a good fit.

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