Are your employees overworked or feel underappreciated?

Employers and managers are faced with the dilemma of how to avoid overworked employees while aiming for optimum workforce utilisation. This is a thin line to thread, as underutilization of resources leads to ineffective teams.Overburdened employees are discontent and have no job satisfaction, leading to high attrition rate at work. 

At Unpaper, we strive to create tools to empower team members and managers to make informed decisions. For successful business growth and employee satisfaction, below are some key factors to be implemented:

Ideal work distribution to avoid overburdening staff

Chartered accountants have numerous works on a daily basis and Unpaper helps them create and assign tasks online. When teams are assigned tasks, each member that contributes to it is tagged along with the time spent on it. This information can be viewed any time during or even after the completion of the tasks.

At the click of a button, users can filter to see how many tasks a team member is handling at the moment. This helps in understanding if they are overburdened and if they are able to spend the required time on each task. This tool is also helpful in ascertaining the efficiency of the individual, their workload balance and speed of work. Skillful management of the tasks increases the efficiency and job satisfaction of the employees.

Track member activity to ascertain workload 

By using the Task Assigned To filter, it also helps the management find which resources who are underutilized. Knowing both ends of the spectrum, equal distribution of work is possible. This tool is also extremely helpful during year-end reviews. In an instant all the work contributed by the individual in that time period is shown. Having documented data is highly beneficial as the numbers don’t lie!

The tools we create at Unpaper are designed to make work as smooth and easy as possible. We would love to hear from you on how you utilize them in your workplace. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions on our features.

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