All CA firms measure their growth with number of clients, number of tasks they are doing, number of team members, or the amount of revenue they are making. Beyond these tangible parameters lies something more important. Most firms believe the sign of true success is a satisfied client. Having an increasing list of satisfied clients is a sure sign of growth for your firm.

At Unpaper, we constantly shape our product to help you with your growth. Every feature in Unpaper is made keeping your organizational growth in my mind. This is evident from the feedback we receive from our customer base. Here are a few ways our customers found Unpaper help their growth.

Unpaper helped in improving their work turnaround time by 50%

Everyone wants to finish their work on time. More so people working with tight deadlines all round the year. But finishing every task before the deadline is easier said than done. Unpaper helps you immensely in this endeavor. You save a lot of time with real-time status updates on the tasks being done. It is also very easy to find client’s data and information as and when needed. Completing work becomes much faster and your day becomes more productive.

Unpaper helped in increasing their client base

Communication is key to the success of any business. It becomes even more important when handling hundreds of clients on a daily basis. Communicating with your clients becomes seamless with Unpaper’s built-in system. Auto-communications to the client from your team will keep them updated and make them feel special. By completing tasks on time and with accuracy you can scale your client base.

Unpaper helped in increasing their team size and collaboration

As the client base increases and your firm grows in size, the impact of good teamwork becomes more evident. Proper teamwork could increase the productivity of your firm by more than 2 times. With Unpaper, team collaboration is at your fingertips. In fact, Unpaper gets progressively better with larger teams! Tasks can be organized better, file and information sharing becomes seamless, and everyone starts working as one unit. Such effective team management gives you  team the superpowers to grow.

Unpaper helped in increasing their revenue

At the end of the day, any company needs to make revenue. That is the only way to sustain in the current competitive market. And the only way to consistently increase revenue is to have good results. Teams are producing great results with Unpaper. Managing their work, teams, clients, and data in Unpaper has helped all these organizations increase their revenue by 3 times.

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