A Tax firm’s requirements for a work management tool are very different from those of other organizations. What you need is something more than a generic work management tool that not only tells you what to do but also keeps the context of the work at every step. Such a tool would enable a firm to store and share relevant files, send communications to clients, and collaborate with their team in real-time.

There are a few tools that accomplish these things individually. But it is very inefficient for Tax Professionals.

Generic Task Management Tools

Asana, Trello, Zoho, among others are a few popular task management applications. They have the ability to track tasks but fail to structure all the tasks. They might suit the needs of the general populace. But they fail to cater to the specific needs of a CA firm. For instance, such a generic software cannot understand what exactly an IT returns task is and how important the due date is. There is also a disconnect between the task and relevant files and information that are required to complete the task. A generic task management tool might be better than using nothing. But you can achieve much more by relying on a specialized tool like Unpaper.

Simple Cloud Storage

With improvements in technology, there has been a surge in various cloud storage providers. The popular ones include Google Drive, Microsoft’s One drive, and Dropbox. These were intended for personal use, and are designed as such. They are simple cloud storages that act as dumb data dumps

To be truly useful for a CA firm, a cloud storage needs to be smart in organizing the data. This means managing the data of multiple clients used by different team members for various tasks done by the firm. The filing receipts need to be saved separately too, with an easy retrieval method. Apart from these, there are other types of information like the PAN, TAN, and ROC details. They need to be accessed quickly to work efficiently and without hassle. It is evident that a simple cloud storage cannot fulfill your needs. The only alternative is a new age practice management tool with seamless cloud integration.

Popular Communication Tools

As with the generic task management tools, the mainstream communication channels are not well suited for the official tasks in a CA firm. Popular messaging services like Whatsapp, Hangouts, Slack, etc are designed to be independent messaging services. They do not integrate with any of the other work management tools to make your life easier. Some cannot remind the user for not filing a GST return for a client. They cannot send an update to all the contributors of a particular task. A few cannot update the client about the progress of a particular task.

To have a stress-free communication channel between tax professionals and their clients, the communication tool needs to be integrated with the work management tool. Such a tool would be more than one-dimensional and get the context of the communication being sent.

Other Practice Management Tools

Other practice management tools who claim to design for tax professionals fail to understand a few fundamental problems of how the majority of tax firms run. They miss the functionality or do not have simple user experience. They have long learning curves and some have complicated setup. Some do not have cloud access and they all come with many limitations. We at Unpaper analyzed the pros and cons of all the popular practice management tools and designed a software that would work as the ultimate companion for tax professionals.

What Unpaper has to offer

Unpaper gives your team superpowers. It is specially designed to cater to Tax Professional needs and is a much better option than a generic work management tool.

  • Unpaper removes chaos by giving tasks a structure
  • Simplifies your work with efficient storage of your clients’ files and information
  • Reduces cognitive load by setting up auto-reminders
  • Gives useful reports that are essential for any tax firm
  • Has superior access control options to ensure data security
  • Gives a new meaning to collaboration with the  intuitive teamwork interface
  • Keeps the work up-to-date with the data sync using cloud

Unpaper team constantly focuses on improving its product to make life easier for Tax Professionals.

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