Over 70% of the work time in a CA firm is being spent on things that are not the actual work. This includes a lot of things from finding a piece of information to a team meeting just for status updates. These works are not helping in increasing your profitability, serving your clients, or helping your team move forward. This does not mean these tasks are unnecessary. What it means is for maximum profitability of your firm, the planning needs to be done with maximum efficiency. You need to optimize the time spent on non-productive work. Unpaper helps you do exactly this so your team can prioritize on more important tasks while avoiding any distractions.

How exactly does Unpaper achieve this?

Talking about optimizing the non-productive work is easy. Actually implementing that is the tough part. Unpaper has many features that help you with the everyday mundane tasks. This ensures you are free to focus on the actual work! Let’s have a look at the features in more detail.

Unpaper has real-time status updates

In your everyday work, you’ll need to get the status of multiple tasks. These tasks are usually very varied in nature, and also handled by multiple people. With Unpaper, the task list precisely gives you the status of each and every task. You can also see a brief reason explaining the status of the task.

Unpaper keeps your client information ready

While working on a task, you might need some important client information. This could be details like PAN, GST number, CIN, DIN, official full name, registered address, etc. Finding these little pieces of information in a huge pile of unsorted data consumes a lot of time.

Unpaper gathers and keeps this information ready within the context of your work.  This means you don’t have to switch the tabs or your focus.

Unpaper keeps your files neatly organized

Ever been in a situation where you could not find a client file? You start searching it in every email, your teammates’ desktops, pen drives, and other storage. You might eventually find it somewhere, but the damage is done. Your time is lost, work flow is disturbed, and there is no guarantee on finding the file next time.

Unpaper lets you easily organize tons of files in a neatly organized in-built folder structure. The neat organization makes finding files super quick and easy. Spend less time organizing your files and focus more on work.

Unpaper auto-generates activity log

With Unpaper your team need not write a document everyday about the activity they have done in a particular task. Every time an action is done in a task, unpaper logs it automatically.

The activity log will tell you every step a user has performed in the task. Know if the task is going in the right direction, or will it be finished within the deadline. This lets you take informed decisions.

Unpaper helps you get the results your team is hoping to achieve, and meet those goals in a way that provides both structure and flexibility.

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