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Chartered Accountancy is a noble profession, And your contribution to the smooth functioning of our economy is spectacular.

Through the years as a CA, I’m sure you must have come across many resources crucial to your practice. We know the hard-earned expertise of this field. We know the rigorous demand of a CAs work and the crucial need to stay updated with the constant changes in the industry. Having said that, I understand that amidst all the GST returns, tax filing & hundred other responsibilities that you shoulder- YOU’RE PRESSED FOR TIME!

To save your precious hours – Unpaper, the best practice management software for CAs has put together a list of 5 blogs for CAs in India

The blogs that we will talk about are:

  1. Tax Return Wala
  2. The Tax Talk
  3. StudyCafe
  4. VJM Associates LLP
  5. EY India

  1. Tax Return Wala

The core purpose of every business is compounding growth. Isn’t it? Tax Return Wala is a one-stop solution for CAs in India and businesses to make this practically possible. You can employ financial solutions without installing anything. The knowledge tab on their website is stocked with valuable blogs. The blog topics cover various areas- from CMA reports for small businesses to tax implications on transaction cryptocurrency. The diversity of their blog topics is noteworthy. Tax Return Wala is aimed at helping the life cycle of businesses, offering you top financial solutions with focus on the CA practice. Check out their blog here.

  1. The Tax Talk

CAs have a lot on their plate, and it’s such a relief to have someone- who can hear your challenges, without you having to say anything! Isn’t it?. This is exactly what The Tax Talk does! This blog for CAs in India is an online news portal for everything related to the CAs work. From tax news, articles, updates and judgments, the blog simplifies the CA practice to create awareness about tax laws.

  1.  StudyCafe

Irrespective of whether you’ve spent decades in this industry with your CA practice, or you’re preparing for the road ahead, StudyCafe is a valuable resource. The blog comprehensively talks about everything related to the CA practice management. StudyCafe is a common platform for CAs in India to share knowledge, get updates and take a break from work.

  1. VJM & Associates LLP

VJM & Associates is a firm based out of Delhi which produces great literature on the CA practice. From business setup, audits, compliance, and taxation, the online resource can be very helpful for CAs in India.

  1. EY India

Considering that many CAs in India work for global businesses, we had to mention EY India. They have a strong industry presence and continue to push the frontiers of CA practice management. EY India publishes great content related to the challenges of the CA practice and its clientele. If you want to delve into the corporate financial services sector, this blog is for you.

Let’s relook the websites we covered.

  1. Tax Return Wala
  2. The Tax Talk
  3. StudyCafe
  4. VJM Associates LLP
  5. EY India

The CA practice is flourishing with new technology and smarter ways to get the job done. We’re sure with these informative blogs you’ll-

  • Save time
  • Stay updated
  • Scale your business

Save time and resources with a practice management software

Unpaper is the best practice management software for the CAs work, and if you want to know more, reach out to us. We can take you to the unmatched finesse of being a Chartered Accountant.

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