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Chartered accountants deal with hundreds of clients on a daily basis and the list of ongoing and pending works can run into thousands. While we all strive to achieve balance and ensure no task is left incomplete, sometimes it slips through the cracks. However, our mistakes can end up costing heavily to the client.

In addition to the usual chaos, a lot of firms are currently facing manpower issues. Employee attendance is no longer a guarantee in this pandemic. Yet, the work must go on! We feel this is the time to be at our most efficient and organized selves. So let’s get started on how to achieve this in the simplest way possible using the Task Priority tool in Unpaper.

Set Task Priority

Something as easy as toggling a switch lets your employees know the importance of that task. No constant reminders needed as the task priority will be clearly displayed. Mark a task as Immediate for those that need attention ASAP or set priority levels – High, Medium and Low. This stands as clear communication to those working on it and will help organize their schedules accordingly. 

Instant communication to all users

We understand some tasks are urgent right from the beginning, for these you could set priority while creating the task itself. The task will be highlighted right from the start, enabling users to schedule their workload accordingly. However, most ongoing tasks gain priority as the due date approaches or any changes are made. Unpaper helps you to mark and communicate this to all persons involved in the task. Once priority status of a task is changed, all users working on the task will be notified of the change made. This reduces the need for individual communication and enables uniform work handling.

Why is ‘Low Priority’ needed?

You may ask High Priority makes sense but what benefit is it to tell an employee that a task is low priority. At Unpaper, we recognize that not all works are urgent and it is not all about filing returns. There are numerous tasks that are time-taking secondary issues but eventually essential. For tasks like these, users can set a due date and indicate that the work is of medium or low priority. This is a smart way of setting deadlines without interrupting the ongoing works.

Being meticulously organized need not be a complicated process. The tools provided by Unpaper not only help a chartered accountant do his job well, but also train employees to be methodic at every step. This saves time, money and lays the foundation for a smooth working space.


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