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Robert kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad fame once said, “inside every problem, lies an opportunity”. It is so very right! It applies to all fields of work. Chartered accountant problems fall in this very same category too. A good part of being a capable chartered accountant is to ride uncertainty like a pro while assuring your client’s are clueless about the impending problems. Chartered accountant firm challenges are unique in their own way as most of them have their origin on the outside. For instance, if a normal team in a conventional office has issues of handling resources, a chartered accountant faces the problem of resources who have to handle a new situation from the government. It is that simple and complicated at the same time!

CA firm challenges can be handled to an extent with good quality work management software. Reports can be pulled, audits can be done, inventory can be checked and the likes. However, when there is no origin of reliable information, that’s when it gets tricky even for the best CA. Here are a few ways to avoid accounting practice problems even before they arise.

Organize, organize and organize

The simple mantra to keep activities flowing in a CA firm is to be organized. Being autocratic with a dictator like zeal is a sure way to ensure information is organized facilitating easy retrieval. However, this path will lead to unhappy or no employees!

Unlike any other business, a CA firm has normal and extremely busy seasons. Organized, easy to retrieve information is a big help during the extremely busy season. Choosing the right kind of software with secure features and high confidentiality will make information organizing easy. It will help in bypassing most CA firm challenges. While at it, ensure the software allows retrieval of information with all possible query combinations.

Collaborate, coordinate and control

This is the era of collaboration as no single person can do it all. Choosing work management software that allows for teams to collaborate on tasks is a good start to ending long term accounting practice problems. Ensure features allow for task coordination, status updates, collaboration by multiple stake-holders, reports on pending work and the likes. This ensures the practice has better control on the happenings in the firm.

Communication to avoid confusion

One of the key differences between successful practices and the not so successful ones is the preparedness for uncertainty. In a CA firm, the skill to handle the uncertainty in the form of missing client information, new government compliance, regulations not adhered to from the past is high. The best way to avoid this confusion is to communicate in advance, regularly and multiple times. Ensuring your software allows for system triggered communication alerts makes way for filling up information gaps, inform all concerned in advance so actions can be taken with awareness.

Closure on tasks

Starting something new is exciting. A CA firm keeps opening tasks on a regular basis. One of the main practice management firm problems is to close tasks. Be it a pending payment from a client, updating a company incorporation number or simply ticking off filing of returns is the real deal. More often than not, the task is completed but there is no record of it or the other way round. This leads to confusion and lack of coordination. Invest in a work management software that allows you to feed information and also raises red flags when information is missing.

Invoicing for payments from clients

The invoicing for client work in a CA firm is unique to its business. Some of the payments are part while the other times it is full payment. Some times, the payments are staggered vis a vis the completion of mini tasks in a major activity. Buy a software that allows for regular updates on payments status from a client. This simple tool can save a lot of trouble during busy seasons to keep track of work done, work pending against the amount of money associated with it.

Robert kiyosakki was right. In every problem there lies an opportunity. In a CA firm, within every problem there lies an opportunity to explore a systemic feature that ensures CA’s get to exercise decisions than run after decisions.

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