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A software is only as good as the features it offers. We at Unpaper understand this and always strive towards giving you the best features. These features will roll out in small updates which will be released regularly. This blog will be the first of many to come, so stay tuned!

In this blog, let’s talk about the features in clients and contacts. Storing a contact may seem like the easiest and the most boring task. But subtle features can help you get the most out of a contact list. Let’s have a look at a few such features Unpaper has.

Contact Tags

Tags are labels you create to help organize your contacts. The beauty of tags lies in their versatility. You can tag a contact in any way that suits you. If you want to set the priority of clients like VIP, Tier A, Tier B, etc., that is easy too. You could also set a tag for the location of the client based on the city. Or perhaps you would want to tag them with the nature of tasks you are doing for them. You have the freedom to use tags as you see fit.

A particular contact can have multiple tags too. You can create custom tags to indicate what you want. Once the contacts are tagged, you can filter the contacts based on tags. This is a very efficient way to quickly classify the contacts. 

Contact groups

Groups is another way to classify your contacts. Groups could be anything, ranging from clients from the same family to companies in the same group. What makes groups fundamentally different from tags is that the members of a group are linked in a way. Later, you will also be able to issue group commands like sending a group message or mail.

Default contact details

A contact could have more than 1 phone number or email ID. Whatever the reason for this could be, it is important to know which number to call. This doesn’t mean discarding the other numbers. For this purpose, Unpaper lets you select one phone number and one mail ID as the default contact details. This lets you store multiple contact details while retaining the uniqueness of the default detail.

Primary Contact

A primary contact can be assigned to any contact. A primary contact is generally the person you need to contact if the original contact is busy. In the future you will be able to do all default communication with the primary contact directly.

Contact type

Any contact you have generally falls into one of  two categories – person or organisation. This may seem as something minor, but a lot of compliances are determined based on this alone. While creating the contact in Unpaper, you have the option to choose the contact to be either a person or an organisation. This can be changed after creating the contact as well. 

Client Manager

As your firm grows in size and your client base increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage each and every client. To solve this, Unpaper has the option to assign a “client manager” to every client. This client manager is a user of your firm, and will have the responsibility to keep the client satisfied. 

These features, and many more to come, are sure to add more flavour to your everyday work and help manage your clients and contacts better. So sign up for free today and feel the difference yourself.

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