Incomplete information from clients a constant hurdle?

One recurring issue practicing Chartered Accountants face is clients delaying to send information on time. Most meetings end with clients saying their team will forward the required details, but there’s always some vital information missing. Incomplete accounts delays your team and creates a large number of pending tasks. As filing deadlines approach, there’s a mad rush to get everything done. Have you faced this too?

At Unpaper, we work towards solutions beyond the scope of basic work management tools. Using Unpaper you can spot what information is missing instantly as all client data is stored online. A quick glance will tell users what client data is yet to be updated, as it’s all sorted and stored in allocated folders. 

Unpaper takes you a step ahead by enabling users to request this information from the client by sending them an SMS from the website directly and then marking the task as ‘Pending at Client’. This serves various purposes. 

Instant Communication to Client

When following up with clients, the ball is always in your court. Inevitably, it is the burden of CAs to get all required information from clients. Unpaper reduces the scope for error from your end. Your team has instant access to clients through the SMS service provided by us. There’s no opportunity for forgetting to pass along the information which usually happens during filling season when staff are busy handling various clients at once. 

Accurate Status Update

This feature is immensely helpful in updating the clients of their tasks statuses. There is an accurate representation of the data received and yet to be sent from their end. Users can also filter for all tasks in Pending status and ask for the required information from the client in one go. 

We at Unpaper strive to provide users the most efficient methods to run their workspace smoothly. When your teams adapt to Unpaper, they establish a methodical process that is efficient and time-saving. 

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